Kuvataiteilija, taidemaalari

 Visual Artist, Painter

Öhrnberg has been committed to her art and developed it for thirty years after graduating from art school. There have been exhibitions both in Finland and abroad (22 solo exhibitions and 96 group exhibitions), and she has also organized groupexhibitions. It has always been important for her to create new perspectives and attract the viewer to the visual world, whether she worked with painting, sculpture or community art. Öhrnberg has made both wooden and metal public sculptures and communal works. Her paintings are in private collections, e.g. In the state collection.

In the high and spacious studio of Öhrnberg's Fiskars, it is possible to paint large volume works. When working under the influence of emotion, she is surrounded by an atmosphere of wide horizons. Irregular brushstrokes combine with polyphonic and sensitive colors of wasteful colors to create a controlled whole. The right color ratio can be found by making changes in the work process for days. The mixing of colors with repeating shapes turns the surface of the entire work into one dramatic and powerful composition, which takes the eye back and forth in a meandering way. The subconsciously impulsive and rejecting deep control painting style is artistic honesty for her. Internally charged sensuous rhythms become the starting point of the artwork.

Goming soon / Tulossa 2024 : Yksityisnäyttelyt Galleria Ahjon Sysisali, Joensuu ja Malmitalon galleria, Helsinki sekä yhteisnäyttelyt Hauras - Onoman kesänäyttely, Fiskars ja Haihatus kesänäyttely, Joutsa